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Kenny Slide


Kenny Slide loves sharing his experiences with others through the power of music. Everything that Kenny’s been through in life has given plenty of inspiration when writing his songs, and he’s learned that you can turn a negative experience into a positive.

“It started a fire within me! I’ll take my acoustic roots surf rock and blues around the world and entertain, inspire and teach.

To Kenny, music is life, and he’s bringing his good vibes and great tunes to all his shows


Months of speech rehabilitation did not stop Gold Coast singer/songwriter, Kenny Rowe (Slide) from continuing in pursuit of his dream.   Told it could take months, if not years to talk again after an unfortunate accident, Kenny took to the ocean for release and inspiration.  Determination, passion and drive saw the talented musician step up a gear, move forward with driving force and beat all odds.


Kenny’s come a long way since forming his first band, Right Lane back in 1999.  Reflecting on life’s experiences including those of his recent tour of the top end of Australia, Kenny put pen to paper and hand to guitar to lay down tracks for his previous album titled, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Now, in 2023 after recovering from recent hand surgery, Kenny is back with killer new music and a drive thats even more motivating than his performances,


Keep your eye out for Kenny Slide at a venue near you! . 


Versatile stage show

Kenny, supported by his band, will be sure to set the stage alight and surprise with his lap-steel and acoustic tunes - an eclectic mix of acoustic roots, surf rock and blues. 

Kenny also smashes a fantastic solo show, captivating audiences and getting everyones feet tapping! 

2023 Brings New Music!

Kenny is currently in studio adding the finishing touches to his long awaited new music! 

Subscribe today to keep up to date and get exclusive pre release sneak peaks! 

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